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Elite Video Player v3.6 is premium modern, responsive, fully customisable high-end video player for WordPress that support advertising and the most popular video platforms like YouTube (single, channel, playlist), Vimeo, self-hosting videos, Google drive videos, Dropbox videos, local videos, Amazon S3 and Live Streaming HLS m3u8 videos etc.

Local Videos

You can see videos from the local host there is no need to use web hosting.

Mixed Videos

You can easily create a playlist with a combination of YouTube/Vimeo/Self-hosted/GoogleDrive.

Support Openload Videos

This plugin can play videos from the stored device or streamed from anywhere on the internet.

Dropbox Videos

This plugin is embed with the dropbox that will display a video that contains large files.

Google Drive Videos

With the help of this plugin, you can play stored videos from the google drive.

Vimeo Videos

You can play Vimeo video by the elite video player. Also, played by the custom elite player or default Vimeo player.

Self-hosted Videos

Host your own video by using mp4 format.

Youtube Video

  • Play or import any video from the youtube player.
  • Support Youtube 360 VR & Youtube live streaming support.

Extensive Features:

Pre-built Scrollbar Types

This plugin consists of 12 types of pre-built scrollbars. They are represented below

  • Light, Minimal, Light-2, Light-3
  • Light-thick, Light-thin
  • Inset,Inset-2, Inset-3
  • Rounded, Rounded-dots
  • 3d Support

Advertising Pop-up

You can display a pop-up in the pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, for the advertisement. Also, customize your ads by adding a skip option, ads timing etc.

Pop-up Works Well With

  • Youtube Videos/Playlists/User Channels
  • Self-Hosted Videos
  • Vimeo Videos

Utilize Free Offers

  • This plugin comes with free customer service for 7 days a week.
  • Provides you with the free updation.

Lightbox Options Are

  • Set lightbox image, width, and height
  • Optional lightbox close on click outside
  • Autoplay (optional)

Type Of Modes:

Sticky Mode

This will help you to display video all the time even when scrolling up/down through the page.

Lightbox Mode

In this, video player comes with the lightbox pop-up that will dim the background and helps to attract your users.

Features That Support Elite WordPress Plugin:

  • Have the option to select the social icon that you want.
  • This plugin contains 6 videos player with the pre-built shadow effects.
  • Comes with the extensive documentation that guides users about the plugin and its features.
  • You can display a tooltip whenever a cursor is positioned over an icon, image, hyperlink, etc for better users explanation.
  • Create 2 types of player – With the playlist or without the playlist.
  • You can fully customize your created video player by using 20 pre-built colors or any color that you like. Some of them are – lime, green, emerald, teal, etc.
  • Also, help you to hide the self-hosted video sources from your users so that they can not steal or download videos.
  • You can show created video player on the full screen.
  • Changes the height and width of the audio player as per your desire.
  • On the same page, there are multiple numbers of Elite video players.

Some Additional Features:

  • This plugin is easy to use.
  • Because of its responsive design, it is optimized by all the devices like mobile, touchscreen laptops, desktop etc.
  • Create a most advanced video player.
  • Support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS .m3u8 files).
  • Google Analytics helps to track how many time video is opened/clicked or download by the users.
  • Serve you with the multiple numbers of font awesome icons that are good for retina displays.

Features That Are Optional:

  • Autoplay Option
  • Logo Image
  • Poster Image
  • Autohide Controls
  • Shuffle
  • Load Random Video On The Webpage
  • Info Window
  • Social Networks Share
  • Embed Player
  • Right-Click Menu


Elite Video Player v3.6 WordPress Plugin[Free Download]


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