Free Download Save & Share Cart v2.2.0 Premium WordPress plugin

Save & Share Cart

Save & Share Cart for WooCommerce v2.2.0 is a premium WordPress plugin that enables anyone to save their carts like simple products, variation products, add-on products, any kind of product and get a unique link to retrieve the cart later. Click on the link in a chat, social-media, email, bookmark or anywhere and retrieve the cart at any time. Also this plugin has a button to send the cart in a styled email showing the products, product pictures, quantities, totals and a big button to click and retrieve the content of that cart.


  • Allows customers to share cart with other people with similar interest.
  • Other people can perform directly checkout after viewing shared cart.
  • Saved carts can be used as wishlist-type.
  • Useful to take support from customer care by sharing carts with them.
  • Adding links to newsletters, ads or communications to quickly add products or sets of products to customers’ carts with one click. Increasing sales!
  • Helps in more conversions!
  • Strong support.
  • For customization according to your need contact:

Save & Share Cart v2.2.0 Premium WordPress plugin [Free Download]


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