Free Download Age Checker v1.1.6 Age Verification Plugin for WordPress


Age Checker v1.1.6 is an age verification plugin for WordPress. The plugin asks users to verify their age on page load. Once a user confirms that they are above the minimum age, the page content is made accessible. Age restriction is useful for a variety of industries such as alcohol, gambling or adult websites. for more information about this WordPress Age Verification plugin.


– Age verification that works on mobile and desktop, and supports nearly all devices.
– Designed to have as minimal of an SEO impact as possible.
– It’s customizable; you can require verficiation or acceptance of nearly anything.
– Easy for developers to modify. You can make most customizations only using CSS.
– Open-Source and completely free! This plugin is GPL licensed.
– Supports nearly all distillery, vineyard, vaporizer, and cannabis dispensary themes

Age Checker v1.1.6 Age Verification Plugin for WordPress [Free Download]

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