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Free Download WooCommerce Notification v1.4.1 Premium WordPress plugin for Boost Sales


WooCommerce Notification v1.4.1 is a premium WordPress plugin that will help you to displays recent orders on your storefront. It’s the online equivalent of a busy store and shows prospective customers that other people are buying your products. With this plugin, you can increase the conversion rate by highlighting other customers that have bought products. if you want you can also able to download the previous version of this plugin WooCommerce Notification v1.4.0.


  • Display recent WooCommerce orders: the plugin will take the information about WooCommerce orders to display. This is the “real order” options. You can select a time to pick up orders. In the last 30 days for example.
  • Display virtual orders: fill in a list of customer name and address. Then select to display sale notification of selected products, selected categories, latest product, recently viewed product.
  • Desktop: display order notification pop-ups on desktop.
  • Mobile: display order notification pop-upson mobile.
  • Multiple messages: the plugin allows you to add many different messages on the pop-up and provide shortcodes to display necessary information.
  • Shortcode: there are 8 shortcodes for you to display information on pop-ups.
  • Current product: in single product pages, the plugin will display on sale notification of the current product or products in the same categories.
  • Background color: change the background color of the pop-up.
  • Templates: the plugin included 22 templates for you to change the front-end style to fit with your web design.
  • Position: select the pop-up position on front-end bottom left, bottom right, top left and top right.
  • Image Position: select to display the product image on the left or right side of the pop-up.
  • Border-radius: select the border radius of the pop-up.
  • Appear/disappear effect: choose the appear/disappear effect of the sale notification pop-up.
  • Custom CSS: an option allows you to enter your own CSS code to change the front-end of the notification pop-up.
  • AJAX loading: Using AJAX to load pop-up. The pop-up will be loaded after your site finish loading and will not affect your site loading speed.
  • Easy to use

WooCommerce Notification v1.4.1 Premium WordPress plugin for Boost Sales [Free Download]

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