Mongo express docker - Mongo express docker

Mongo express docker

Mongo express docker a dockerized mongo-express for viewing mongoDB in the browser. Mongo-express is a web-based MongoDB admin interface written in Node.js, Express.js, and Bootstrap3.


  • Supports replica sets
  • Database blacklist/whitelist
  • View/add/delete databases
  • Connect to multiple databases
  • Use BSON data types in documents
  • Custom CA and CA validation disabling
  • View/add/rename/delete collections
  • View/add/update/delete documents
  • Authenticate as admin to view all databases
  • Connect and authenticate to individual databases
  • Preview audio/video/image assets inline in collection view
  • Nested and/or large objects are collapsible for easy overview
  • Mobile / Responsive – Bootstrap 3 works passably on small screens when you’re in a bind
  • Async on-demand loading of big document properties (>100KB default) to keep collection view fast
  • GridFS support – add/get/delete incredibly large files

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