WiFi network jammer for Mac OS X - WiFi network jammer for Mac OS X

WiFi network jammer for Mac OS X

A GUI, easy to use WiFi network jammer for Mac OS X. JamWiFi allows you to select one or more nearby wireless networks, thereupon presenting a list of clients which are currently active on the network(s). Furthermore, JamWiFi allows you to disconnect clients of your choosing for as long as you wish.

How Does It Work?

  • Under the hood, JamWiFi uses Apple’s CoreWLAN API for channel hopping and network scanning. For a raw packet interface, libpcap provides a good point of abstraction for sending/receiving raw 802.11 frames at the MAC layer. All 802.11 MAC packets include a MAC address source and destination. This allows JamWiFi to determine the stations on a given Access Point.
  • JamWiFi “kicks off” clients using a disassociation frame. When a client receives a disassociation frame from an Access Point, it will assume that any connection which it had with the AP is no longer active. However, once a client receives a disassociation frame, it may immediately attempt to establish a new session with the AP. To prevent against this, JamWiFi continually sends disassociation frames to every client quite frequently.

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